The Super Single Dually Drain Pan is a patented oil drain pan for the trucking industry. 

Our product is an essential tool for every heavy-duty truck, trailer, and bus technician that performs wheel-end service on 22.5 and 24.5-inch wheel hubs. It's the only oil drain pan designed to work for Super Singles and Dual wheels. Uniquely designed with holes that allow it to attach to a wheel hub, our well-liked SS Dually Drain Pan has been on the market since 2010. 

The pan attaches via a finger-tight lug nut to the wheel studs of Super Single and Dual wheels, or locks onto the contours of the outer rim of Dual wheels. Because it locks in place, it allows the user to do other things while the oil or grease drains into it without having to hold it in place, saving labor. It covers the wheel area below the axle, so it eliminates the need for cleaning spills on wheels and the surrounding area. It is easily removable by using the built-in handles on each side, while the two built-in, drip-proof spouts allow for easy waste disposal. And it's flat on the bottom, so it won't tip over on your bench or floor. 

The Basics

  • Works for most Dual and Super Single wheel ends, 10-hole disc wheels, sizes 22.5 and 24.5-inch
  • Attaches with a hand-tightened lug nut—will not tip or spill, virtually eliminating clean up
  • Works for steel or aluminum wheels, hub-piloted or stud-piloted, drive or trailer axles
  • Catches oil, axle nuts, bearings, and everything removed from the wheel end for service 
  • Built-in, drip-proof spouts help to recycle waste oil
  • 124-ounce capacity
  • Durable, lightweight HDPE plastic
  • Orange color helps to spot contaminates in the oil
  • Will pay for itself in time and clean-up savings and searching for something else
  • Private branding and color options available
  • Made in the USA, Patent No. 9,423,073

Product Info

Why Buy?

Because it will pay for itself in labor and clean-up savings. You won't have to hold whatever it is you use in place while the axle drains, and it will save you on clean up. You also won't risk personal injury while you "cut the top out" of whatever it is you use. 

Who uses the Super Single Axle Drain Pan? 

Anyone who drains oil or grease from truck and trailer tubeless Dual wheel axles, which includes the professional technician and the owner/operator who performs his own maintenance.

What does everyone use now? 

Responses to this question vary and are not limited to the following: "I use a":

  • gallon plastic oil jug with the top cut out
  • gallon plastic antifreeze bottle with the top cut out
  • gallon plastic windshield solvent bottle with the top cut out
  • bottom of a five gallon plastic bucket with the top cut out
  • bottom of a coffee can with the top cut out

You can see there's a lot of plastic cutting going on, which means you're risky injury and wasting time. There really just isn't a product like ours on the market. 

What is it made of?

Reprocessed HDPE high-density polyethylene. This is the same stuff they make plastic gas cans from. It has a melt temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit, so if the axle is red hot and smoking, wait for it to cool before draining oil into it.

What size wheels does it work on? 

It is uniquely designed to fit the contours of tubeless drop-center wheels, sizes 22.5 and 24.5-inch diameter, and Super Singles.

How does it lock in place? 

For Super Single wheels, it's attached by a finger-tight single lug nut to the rim. For Dual wheels, simply set it in place and it locks onto the contours (drop center) of the outer rim, or you can attach with a finger-tight lug nut. It is designed so that it will not tip out of or roll inside the wheel.

If it locks in place, how do I get it out of the wheel? 

For Super Single wheels, simply remove the finger-tight lug nut and remove the pan. For Dual wheels, grab the handles on each side of the pan and lift it out of the wheel. It comes out easily.


The origin of the Super Single Dually Drain Pan began in the late 80s and early 90s, while our owner was working for a California company that sold the original oil drain pan for the trucking industry. It was always on back order. The company was seriously under-funded and ended up going out of business, but we always wondered about the great-selling pan that seemingly every heavy duty truck mechanic and owner desperately needed. Eyeing an opportunity, we decided to look into the pan around 2004 and found out its patent had run out and it hadn't been produced in years. A second mortgage and a new mold later, the first production run of Dually Drain Pans was April 2005 at then Chris Kay Plastics in Union, MO. Pans are still made the same place, now Buddeez, Inc. As Super Singles began to gain market share, we realized the DDP could be improved so it would work for those wheels as well.

In March of 2010, we filed the patent application for an oil drain pan that securely attaches to a wheel well via lug nuts. This required modifying the mold so it would mean the end of the original DDP. We called the new improved pan the Super Single Axle Drain Pan. Since we only make one product, it had to be the best. We have continually improved service by offering our Distributors customization options to promote their brand and increase sales. We have the ability to manufacture the pans in any color and thermally transfer your logo on it. We are currently developing additional pans for smaller truck and bus wheels and hubs for the North American and global markets.

On August 23, 2016, the US Patent and Trademark Office issued Patent Number 9,423,073, and here we are today.